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Title IX is a federal law that prohibits schools and educational institutes from making any biased decisions based on gender. It eliminates all forms of sex discrimination. The law is applicable to all schools that receive federal funding. Title IX lawyer Daniel ErnstEven though Title IX was enforced to ensure equal opportunities for all, including athletics, its scope runs far deeper. As per this law, anyone accused of sexual misconduct, such as harassment, rape, etc., is entitled to an investigation to prove Title IX violation. However, till the outcome of the investigation is brought forth, the defendant has some rights that must be protected. Hiring a Title IX lawyer in Denver from Ernst Legal Group is the best way to preserve your rights.

Rights of the Accused

Getting accused of sexual misconduct is one of the most devastating things that can happen to anyone. That being said, you still have rights till the Title IX investigations are underway.

Right to an Advisor

Those accused of sexual misconduct retain the right to an advisor. The advisor can stay with them throughout the investigation. Be it at hearings or meetings; the advisor can stay by the defendant at all times.

Right to be Notified

You cannot be accused unknowingly. If someone accuses you of sexual misconduct, it is required by law for you to be notified about all the allegations of Title IX violations.

Right to a Fair Investigation

All the investigations conducted should be unbiased and impartial to ensure a just decision is made without any bias from the investigators.

Right to Dignity

Title IX attorney from Ernst Legal GroupWhen you get accused of a sexual crime, it permanently marks your reputation. However, despite the nature of the accused crime, you still have the right to be treated with dignity. In fact, if the allegations are deemed false, you can counter-sue the plaintiff for defamation.

Right to Privacy

The law gives the defendant the right to access all information intended for public release before it is published.

Right to Evidence and Witnesses

The accused have a right to share their side of the story and can provide evidence and witnesses in front of the court to prove their innocence.

Right to Appeal

If the decision rules out in favor of the plaintiff, the defendant has the right to appeal any findings of the ruling.

Find a Title IX Attorney at Ernst Legal Group

Title IX violations have severe consequences and you should know your rights. Hire a Title IX lawyer in Denver at Ernst Legal Group if you believe your rights have been violated. Ernst Legal Group provides the best legal aid in Colorado and specializes in Title IX cases. Call (720) 798-3667 to get in touch today.

Title IX Lawyer Q&A

At Ernst Legal Group, our Title IX attorneys understand the sensitive nature of Title IX accusations. We prioritize our clients' privacy and dignity, ensuring confidential handling of all cases. Our approach includes securing your information, discreetly managing communications, and advocating for your rights, aiming to minimize the impact on your reputation and personal life.
Yes, Ernst Legal Group is experienced in handling Title IX appeals in Denver, Colorado. If you're dissatisfied with the outcome of your Title IX case, our Title IX attorneys can guide you through the appeals process. We'll work with you to review the initial findings, gather additional evidence, and present a compelling argument for your appeal.
If you're facing a Title IX accusation in Denver, Colorado, understanding your rights is the first step towards defending yourself. Reach out to Ernst Legal Group for comprehensive legal assistance from a Title IX attorney. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the knowledge and support needed to navigate this challenging time.

Additional Information in Colorado, Denver

Policy | Title IX - U.S. Department of Education: U.S. Department of Education's Title IX Policy provides a comprehensive overview of the Title IX Final Rule and various resources including regulations addressing sexual harassment, webinars, and blogs on specific Title IX issues.
Office of School Safety - Sexually Inappropriate Behaviors: Offers resources and guidelines for addressing sexually inappropriate behaviors in schools, including cyberbullying, sexting, and sextortion. It also includes a reference guide for school personnel on supervising juveniles who have committed sexually abusive behavior.
Colorado General Assembly - Prevention Of Title IX Misconduct In Public Schools: Outlines the legislative measures taken to prevent Title IX misconduct in public schools, including the creation of a sexual misconduct prevention advisory committee and provisions for annual reporting to the General Assembly.
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