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Defamation is any derogatory and untrue statement against an individual presented as a fact that creates misrepresentation and causes damage to the victim. If this statement harms the working ability or reputation of the person, it is considered defamation.

Every state has its own defamation laws through which the victims can file a lawsuit against anyone who made a false statement. If you are living in Colorado and a defamatory statement has been made about you that resulted in some harm, you have the right to file a lawsuit and attain compensation.

However, it is essential to consult a defamation lawyer in Denver and understand what defamation is in Colorado before pursuing a case.

Understanding Defamation in Colorado

man whispering damaging rumors into someone's earColorado gives individuals a right to file for exemplary and punitive damages if a slanderous act is malicious or intentional. Defamation occurs when someone makes a derogatory or false statement about an individual to a third party.

Elements of Defamation

The multiple defamation elements in Colorado defamation law include:

  • Falsity: The statement made should be completely false.
  • Damage: You must prove certain material harm, like reputation damage or monetary loss. However, this isn't required if the situation is considered defamation per se.
  • Publication: The statement must be made to a third party or published to be considered a defamation
  • Fault in Statement: The statement must have negligent disregard
  • Statement of Fact: The statement must be falsely communicated as a fact. It might not be classified as defamation if it isn't made as a fact.

Defamation Per Se

Certain untrue statements against people are considered so wrong that they are deemed harmful in Colorado. When a case can be categorized under defamation per se, the individual doesn't have to prove in court that specific monetary harm was done. The untrue statements in these cases would include:

  • Accusing an individual of committing a crime that they have not committed
  • Claiming an individual is unfit to be in their trade or profession
  • Stating an individual has an STD
  • Saying an individual is unchaste or impotent

Defamation Per Quod

If the case doesn't fit in the defamation per se category, it is considered defamation per quod. The individual has to plead while proving special damages to go to trial. The special damages in Colorado are considered as:

  • Resulting from defamation
  • Suffering caused to the plaintiff
  • Specific loss of money

Damages That Can Be Recovered

man whispering damaging rumors into someone's earIf you successfully file a defamation lawsuit and win, you can get money damages. There are multiple kinds of damages you can recover based on your case:

  • General Damages: This includes damages that are less easily defined based on the individual's hurt feelings, pain and suffering, shame, and lost reputation.
  • Special Damages: These are the damages made to the victim’s occupation, profession, business, property, or trade.
  • Punitive Damages: These are not applicable in all cases but are granted to severely punish the defendant for their actions.

Statute of Limitations for Defamation in Colorado

The defamation lawsuit can be filed in Colorado within one year of:

  • The date the individual should have known or knows about the derogatory statements against them
  • The date a derogatory statement has been made

Find a Defamation Attorney at Ernst Legal Group

If someone has been presenting a false statement against you as a fact that is causing you harm, you might have the right to file a lawsuit against them. It is essential to consult a Denver defamation lawyer to help you fight the case. Get in touch with our experienced defamation attorney to get the compensation you deserve.

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